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SUBJECT-OBJECT is subject and object. SUBJECT-OBJECT handles subjects and makes objects. SUBJECT-OBJECT objectively approaches subjects, and subjectively develops objects. SUBJECT-OBJECT is subject to objects without being (totally) materialistic. SUBJECT-OBJECT objects to some subjects but not many. SUBJECT-OBJECT agrees that subjectivity has perspective, and objectivity is isometric and diagrammatic. SUBJECT-OBJECT subjects objects to scrutiny, and only occasionally objectifies subjects. SUBJECT-OBJECT opposes subjugation, but adores conjugation. SUBJECT-OBJECT makes no promises all objections will be heard. Because in the end, SUBJECT-OBJECT is here to make the most of the best for the better at least. SUBJECT-OBJECT understands that this is indulgent and will stop now.subject object logo head is also a lab that designs EVERYTHING : Books, Buildings, Posters, Spaces, Products, Magazines, Clothes, Photos, Identities, Campaigns, and who knows what else — for individuals, organizations, non-profits, lifestyle ventures, and some children (not all). SUBJECT-OBJECT is West Coast-raised, East Coast-forged, world-related. There've been a few nice things said about SUBJECT-OBJECT, and an occasional trinket earned. Think uptown, but totally downtown. Helping the clueless, but with a hand on their shoulder. Work is the bee's knees, and smart work is even better. Let's make good objects and sift through puzzling subjects. It's not just about branding, stats, and proofs. It's about doing the deep dive, looking at it from every angle and then drilling right through to the heart of it — then flipping it over again. It's about generating the soul and D.N.A. of something, then letting it sing. Please pardon the dust as the site evolves. Check out some of the work below: past, present, and for purchase. THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST. It is very much appreciated.